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Why should I use a professional design company?
Just putting printed materials on the Web won't add value to your message. A professional design company has the expertise to balance content with image. Design has to be created so it is attractive, professional, and makes money for your company.

FAQWhy would I need a maintenance program to update my site?
Creating a good, effective site is just step one. Web sites need managing and regular updating to stimulate repeat visits. Ensuring search engine results, maintaining links, parallel product research, gadgets, statistics and knowing what to change or update on the site are all part of the Marketing and Maintenance.

What is the difference between a web page, a web site and a home page?
A web page is one singular page on the Internet that gives information, similar to one page in a book or magazine.
A web site is a collection of all the web pages created for one company or person, similar to the completed book or magazine.
A home page is the first page that a visitor sees when they log on to your site. It is where they start from to navigate throughout the site (much like a table of contents page in a book or magazine). Many people have a single page web site that is referred to as a home page because it is still the first (and only) page to the site. This would be ideal for a person who wanted to create a personal site about themselves, and might include their resume, some photos, and hobbies and interests.

Can you explain all the different charges?
Think of creating a web site as starting a new company in a retail storefront. When talking about the "total package" of creating a web site, you are talking about purchasing four (4) different services:

Web Site Design - You'll need to hire an expert to create the design and layout, just as if you were hiring a decorator to come in and design your retail storefront in order to create the most pleasant buying atmosphere for your customers.

Web Site Maintenance - This covers the "cleaning up" of your web site, keeping it fresh, new and up-to-date, just as you would hire a janitorial service to come in to a retail store and keep it looking its best.

Web Site Hosting - This rents the space for your "on-line" storefront. Just as you would lease retail space for your store, on the Internet you rent space from a server that stores your web site for the World Wide Web.

Domain Name Registration - This is the charge to purchase a name for your web site that no other web site has. In a retail store, you would file for a Fictitious Name to buy the name that you call your store. On the web, you also must purchase the use of a name, and then you also have a guarantee that your site is the only one with that name.

What if I already have my own web site?
If you already have an existing web site, and you just want to update the look and feel of the site with some new design, then you are already over halfway there! We can put together a site "makeover" for you that utilizes your existing site, and integrates new colors and graphics to keep it looking new and fresh, as well as adding any new product or updated information. You can continue to use your current hosting company if you are happy with them, or we can transfer your domain to our own web servers for hosting if you prefer.

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