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Step One: Web Site Development and Planning

Planning your website structure, purpose, goals, and navigation is the most important step in creating a successful online business. If done with vision and foresight, it will save you considerable time and money down the road. We will work together to answer such questions as
What's the purpose and goals for your website?
What's the scope of the project?
Who's your online target audience?
Who's your online competition?
How will the site be structured and how many pages do you anticipate?
What kind of first impression do you want your internet visitors to have?
Who will provide photos and copy-content and how will it be provided?
Will you need any special interactive features? (e-commerce, database, forms, etc.)
Will you need a corporate identity and logo designed?
What are your deadlines?
What are your maintenance needs (how often will you be updating the content)?

Web site designThe answers to these questions will be our guide throughout the web design and construction process. After the scope of the project is determined, we will then be able to provide you with a more accurate quote for implementing your plan. Each web site is unique and to quote an exact price is difficult until your exact needs are known. Included in our web design service is free consultation with you throughout the process so you are always aware of the quality, price and status of your site. Page prices are per page and not by the hour.

Step Two: Web Page Design

In the web design stage, the goal is to visually represent through web graphics, color, style, and web page layouts the thoughts and ideas we established in the planning stage. The questions below will help us know your design preferences.

Do you already have a certain image in print that you want to maintain online to create consistency? If not, will you be needing a corporate identity and logo designed?
What type of first impression do you want to make on your visitors?
What "feel and style" best suits your business? Hard-edged? Retail? Open-warm? High-tech? Clean?
Do you have a preference so far as colors?

A good way to convey what style you want, is to provide the web addresses or URLs of other web sites you like. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. What websites do you find attractive? Are there any you would like to visually emulate? Of course these websites won't be copied, but are a great source for us to see the styles that appeal to you.

Step Three: Site Construction

The construction phase encompasses the merging of your ideas and image content into a workable web site. As we produce your pages, we will allow you access to view them in order to approve how the site is coming along.

The first pages to be constructed after the home page are your top-tiered link pages. These are the core pages of your website and the ones most likely to be visited first. As more and more pages are completed, you in turn are reviewing them to assure we're continually heading in the direction you envisioned.

The site will not be "live" to the public until you have given your final stamp of approval. Before "officially" launching the site, we do a thorough testing of your links, spelling, browser compatibility, and load times.

If we haven't already established where you will be hosting your pages, we will need to find your site a home. See our Web Hosting packages to find a solution that suits your needs.

Once your site is hosted, you will want to let others know how to find you. Visit our Web Promotion section to learn more about how to entice visitors to your new online home.

From time to time, you are going to want to update your web site. As your company's products and services expand, your site will need to reflect these changes. Take a look at our Web Maintenance programs and find what will best accommodate your needs.

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