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Web Site Promotion in LAWhat good is opening your brand new web site if no one will ever see it? It is just as important to market and promote your site as it is to have on in the first place.

Promoting your site to your existing customers. clients and contacts is a good place to start. This can be done through email newsletters, print brochures and flyers, and custom promotional materials.

Site Promotional Materials
LA Web Design UK now offers promotional items to help you inform your clients and contacts that your new website is ready for them to visit. These promotional tools will help bring visitors to your site with a special and unique gift from your company. Use these items as mailers, gifts, giveaways, trade show items, contest prizes, etc. and your customers will immediately begin "logging on" to your new site!

Web Cards - We'll take an actual "screen shot" of your web site's home page and print it to a post card for you to mail to your current mailing list. This will not only let them know your site is up and running, but also give them a preview of the look and feel of your site.
Mousepads - We offer a huge variety of mousepads in many different shapes, sizes and materials. Mousepads are one of our favorite forms of advertising a web site. It allows your site name to be right next to your clients' computer at all times. From foam to rubber, rectangle to round, we have many different looks to choose from, including a fabulous "mailable" mousepad that works as a postcard that your customers can keep by adhering it to their desk. It is removable and also saves desk space.

Screensavers - Another great marketing tool is free screensavers to offer your customers. You can select from stock images or submit your custom images to create a photo slideshow that also provides clickable links directly to your new site.
Giveaways - We provide imprintable items such as pens, pads, calendars, golf balls and thousands of other items perfect for trade show giveaways and thank you gifts.

Everyone loves a present

Web Marketing

Once you have announced your site to your existing contacts, now you'll want to reach new ones. What about the people who have no idea that you exist? How do you help them to find you?

Search Engine Submission
Search Engines are an important way for people to find your site, especially those who are not local and have no idea that your company exists. Our Search Engine Submission Service will ensure that your web site will be submitted to over 500 different search engines, making you accessible to millions of global Internet viewers.

Banner Link Exchanges
We suggest that you advertise your site on other sites that will attract the kind of customers you are looking for. A Banner Link Exchange Program can accomplish this type of new business easily. These programs place your banner ad on another site in exchange for either a monthly fee or by agreeing to place other banner ads on your site. There are several different companies who have perfected this type of web advertising. We can help you enroll in any of these programs if this type of advertising interests you.

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